about tessa

Tessa is a painter in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC.  She learned how to paint from her mom (who’s an art teacher) and began selling and showing work five years ago. She’s still an emerging artist and greatly appreciates your support!

Tessa enjoys working with oil, oil bar, and ink mediums; it depends on the subject matter. For many of her sea life creations, she enjoys the free-flowing, watercolor-like nature of ink paint. Tessa works in layers to create animal paintings that are as unique as they are funky.


Tessa created the pants at a time of personal struggle, during one of her many battles with alopecia. In these pants, she found a bold confidence that helped combat the frustration and disappointment she was feeling in her body. Men and women alike began approaching Tessa to ask about the pants, and she began to realize how many of us are dealing with our own physical frustrations. Tessa made the pants available for purchase in an effort to provide others the same inspiration through their own personal struggles. They are comfortable, unique, and a conversation starter. Whether in these pants or any other, Tessa wants you to love the way you feel!

quick pant facts

  • Yes, they are machine washable! Cold/ delicate cycle and hang dry

  • Fit true to size (i.e. if you normally wear a M, get a M.) Unsure? Order slightly smaller- they’ll give a little bit

  • If you get the wrong size, no worries! Email Tessa. She’ll have you ship them to her and either refund or send you a different size/ design of your liking. This has yet to happen… knock on wood!


“I saw a pair of Tessa’s Rainbow Octopus Leggings on a woman in yoga one day ~they definitely were the stand out pair of leggings in that class. I asked her about them after class and she told me they were by a local artist! I knew I had to have a pair. 

Now I am the one getting all the compliments. These leggings are just SO cute, attention getting but in a star quality kind of way. The colors are vivid and the detail is striking. Some may get what they are looking at - others don’t care because it is just the flow of the art and color around your body that is so attractive. These leggings are super soft - like a second skin - and stay in place, making them great for any type of yoga class. Also, they wash and wear super easy. I dress them up - I dress them down - they stand on their own for sure… and you feel really great wearing them. Highly recommend!”

-DeAnne Hampton - Asheville, NC