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I create wow factor paintings for your home or business, and leggings that will help you love the way you feel


“The paintings are very engaging, and demand your attention”…Jason A.

“I was thinking about art this morning as I looked at your pieces in my collection, both at my home and now in my office. Everytime I look at them- “North Shore”, “Bangkok” and my newest addition, “Caution”- they make me smile! Which I think is what art is all about” …Chuck S.

“A sight of unspeakable beauty”… Craig S.

“…Now I am the one getting all the compliments. These leggings are just SO cute, attention getting but in a star quality kind of way. The colors are vivid and the detail is striking… the flow of the art and color around your body that is so attractive. These leggings are super soft - like a second skin. Also, they wash and wear super easy. I dress them up - I dress them down - they stand on their own for sure… and you feel really great wearing them. Highly recommend!” - DeAnne H.