“I saw a pair of Tessa’s Rainbow Octopus Leggings on a woman in yoga one day ~they definitely were the stand out pair of leggings in that class. I asked her about them after class and she told me they were by a local artist! I knew I had to have a pair. 

Now I am the one getting all the compliments. These leggings are just SO cute, attention getting but in a star quality kind of way. The colors are vivid and the detail is striking. Some may get what they are looking at - others don’t care because it is just the flow of the art and color around your body that is so attractive. These leggings are super soft - like a second skin - and stay in place, making them great for any type of yoga class. Also, they wash and wear super easy. I dress them up - I dress them down - they stand on their own for sure… and you feel really great wearing them. Highly recommend!”

-DeAnne Hampton

“Get your groove on! I’ve bought a dozen different pairs, half were for gifts. Tessa Lang’s artistic leggings are not only interesting and eye catching, they are high quality and comfortable. The waistband is slightly contoured, so there is no clumsy sliding down or sagginess. Strong stitching around the hips and derriere result in a flattering fit. That being said, the fit is not binding, so I wear them as regular clothing and also as athletic leggings. Fabric breathability keeps the pants from becoming a clammy mess. Fabric thickness, even for the lightest color leggings, hide dark panties. Legging lengths works great for me, at 5’3”, and for friends who have purchased leggings, who are up to 5’ 10”. The pocket tucked into the waistband is a bonus. I’ve washed mine dozens of times each (and line dry), and they look and fit as well as the day I bought them. [Pried very competitively.]

-Laura Pritchard


“I was thinking about art this morning as I looked at your pieces in my collection, both at home and now in my office. Everytime I look at them- “North Shore”, “Bangkok” and my newest addition, “Caution”- they make me smile! Which I think is what art is all about.”

-Chuck Spevacek

“Huh! That painting really is new every time I look at it.”

-Mark Lang (seeing Hurricane displayed in Tessa’s home)