tessa is open to discussing a variety of projects.  From representational paintings, abstract paintings, or murals, the process is unique for each.  Generally, tessa's commission works take 12-32 weeks to complete (depending on media).  tessa is able to create based on selected on photos, places, or home decor.

"Warm & Zen"

A series of 4 works; the commission goals were to be warm colors with a "zen" feel.  The client liked 3D texture (based on their 3D tiles), have deer skulls in their home, and liked tessa's "Revolver" piece.  tessa built acrylic skins, dried flowers, and painted with acrylic,oil, and a hint of pebeo.  The pieces on the left will be are interchangeable between the tryptic and separate stand alone bedroom hallway piece.  

North Shore Commission

North shore

The client was open to a variety of colors, but wanted the piece to be representational of Minnesota's North Shore.  The client wanted rock structures in the piece, and the richness of oil paints. 

Falling Light

falling light

The exciting aspect of the project was the piece on the left (above) was painted years prior.  tessa painted it horizontally, but the client favored it vertically.  The decision was then made to commission another piece to go with it.  a exciting feature of the diptych is that it has potential to be displayed 16 ways.