artist bio

Tessa Lang is a painter in Asheville, NC.  Growing up with an art teacher for a mother, she was inspired by the work of Matisse, Van Gogh, and Picasso.  She became captivated with palette knife work while studying in France.  Now in the River Arts District, Tessa’s abstract pieces include representational and non-representational components.

Tessa began showing and selling work while living in Tokyo.  Her first exhibition was oil painted palate knife paintings.  She began working with ink while living in Tokyo, and enjoys the extreme pigments, flowing nature they embody, and “in the moment” boldness it takes to work with them.  Her work continues to transform, and her unique abstract style is electrifying.  Tessa currently uses ink, oil bar, and oils depending on the piece she is working on. She loves texture, action, and boldness.  Many of her works abstract up close, but come together as a complete image when the viewer steps back. Art is her means of self-expression, and she encourages viewers to interpret each piece for themselves.

Artist Statement

My paintings are my mind and soul on a canvas.  They embody freedom, eccentricity, and exuberance. I know my work is coming to life when my heart leaps in excitement and the painting begins to soar.